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Game Description


Spirit Of The Sword Ronin – free games online

A samurai themed game where you play a ronin, moving through a maze like environment filled with enemies. You must take on enemies and other samurai, as well as dodge enemies and meet pretty girls. You have the option of having adult mode on or off, and you can change the difficulty. As you’ll advance you will get more inventory, spells, attack level and health. Attacks use up power, and parrying uses up chi, so you must balance attack and defense. Apart from the adventure mode, the game has an arena mode, a tutorial and a gallery mode. Cheats and other secrets are hidden throughout the game.




How to play game Spirit Of The Sword Ronin


  • AWSD, Cursor keys or with the Mouse by clicking the onscreen arrows.
  • Slash attack – Hold down left mouse button to gain power, then move the mouse to strike.
  • Pierce attack – Double click left mouse button, then release to strike.
  • Block – Hold down Space and move cursor over the red circle.
  • Cast spell – Press C, then left click the appearing icon and continue doing this the complete the shape.
  • M to toggle the mini map on and off.
  • F to toggle the large map on and off.
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