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Game Description:


The evil Surgeon Peppers has completed his newest evil concoction. He’s turning good foods, evil. Sounds like a job for Gangsta Bean! One Bad Bean is going to face down an army of evil food. Do you want to fight to help Bean?

You will play free online game and exciting of bean with the monsters. Move this beany hero through this game console worthy hit game and execute everything that moves.

An exciting side scrolling platform fighting shooter game that’ll have you on the edge of your seat. Shoot, stab, blow up and call in for back up on route to defeating the evil Surgeon Peppers. In this game, please help bean battling monsters with weapons available and picked up along the way.


How to play game Gangsta Bean:


  • Pause: P Key
  • Assist: Z, X, C, V Keys
  • Grenade: G Key
  • Primary Weapon: 1 Key
  • Glock: 2 Key
  • Knife: 3 Key
  • Mac10: 4 Key
  • Shotgun: 5 Key
  • AK47: 6 Key

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Hope you enjoy this game and good luck shooting!

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